The Beginning of Colors of Sweden

The Beginning of Colors of Sweden paints, glazes and topcoat happened about a year ago.  Finding out about Swedish Gustavian paint colors has been a journey of exploring soft beautiful neutral colors that were used by the Swedish people in the 18th century to help fill their homes with light by painting furniture in colors that reflected light.

I visited many websites, blogs and Pinterest boards to find out about paint colors that will achieve the true Swedish Gustavian look.  After spending hours in our paint tint room I created my favorite paint and glaze colors!

Six paint colors which I named after Swedish Monarchs, castle rooms, nature and the light from candles.

The Six Paint Colors from Colors of Sweden

The Six Paint Colors from the Colors of Sweden

The six paint Colors of Sweden:  Gustav, Linnea, Queen’s Court, Sophia, Misty Fjord and Candlelight

I will describe more about the color names in a later post.


In order to achieve that time worn look we added two antiquing glazes to the line:

Lime Wash Glaze & Sheer Smoke Glaze


Lime Wash Glaze was designed to add a light sheer veil of a creamy white to any paint color; an authentic lime wash look without the use of real lime.

Sheer Smoke Glaze will give you that smokey, antiqued effect seen on so many Gustavian Style painted antiques.


Here are just a couple of some Swedish beauties that inspired us!

Gustation Blue Chest from 1st Dibs

Gustavian Blue Chest from 1st Dibs

Swedish Rococo Secretary from Tone on Tone Swedish Antiques

Swedish Secretary from Tone on Tone Swedish Antiques

Gustavian Furniture found in Country Living Magazine

Gustavian Furniture Country Living Magazine

Close up Antique Rococo Style Cabinet from Eloquence

Close up Antique Rococo Style Cabinet from Eloquence

Notice the patina of the paint and the wood peaking through.  How best to achieve the look?  Why not use a Sea Sponge, a tool many “faux finishers” had in their tool kit years ago.  We are brining the Sea Sponge back to life, stay tuned as we will be bringing you instructions on how to use the Sea Sponge in painting and glazing furniture.

SeaSpongeOur natural Sea Sponge


We added a Topcoat to the Colors of Sweden to add protection and durability to your painted pieces.  This Topcoat easy to use and you will not need to wax!

CS_Topcoat-CanOur Colors of Sweden Topcoat

I am proud to say all of our paints, glazes and the topcoat are made in the USA!

And so it began, now you can bring these colors into your home.  Follow along with us as we show you how to use our paints, glazes and topcoats.



Micki Balentine says:

I have been waiting to redew an old Grandfather Clock. I really want that blue that the clocks in all the old antiques was used. Keep me informed if you have that pale blue.
Thanks for your time.

Micki Coles says:

Hi Micki,
Yes that blue is so lovely. Try our Queen’s Court a beautiful blue used in so many Swedish Gustavian Antiques. You can also layer colors and glazes to create new colors.