Gray Veil Finish

Using the natural Sea Sponge to paint furniture

Use our natural Sea Sponge to Create The Look of the Gray Veil Finish by using the Colors of Sweden Gustav and Linnea paints and Sheer Smoke Glaze.


One of the reason I love using the Sea Sponge in painting furniture it helps imitate the aged beauty and mottled effects often seen in the 18 century Swedish Gustavian Style furniture.

Here are some examples:

Gustavian Syyle Chest from Cote de Texas

Gustavian Style Chest from Cote de Texas


Gustavian Sideboard from Tone on Tone

Gustavian Sideboard from Tone on Tone


Sheer Smoke Glaze brushed on, removed with the Sea Sponge or Cheesecloth. The paint under the glaze is Gustav applied with a Sea Sponge. When dry Linnea is applied with a Sea Sponge, allow to dry, then glaze.

Gray Veil Finish created using the natural Sea Sponge by Colors of Sweden


How to Create the Look

Step 1 – Clean the surface with Krud Kutter Gloss Off or Simple Green

Step 2 РPour Gustav paint onto a foam plate.  Sponge paint Gustav using a water dampened Sea Sponge covering abut 90% of the surface.  Allow to dry.

Watch the video below to see how this is done


Stay tuned for Part 2…

Thank you for watching!