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Zibra Palm Pro Brush

Our Zibra brushes are synthetic brushes, recommended for use with our Colors of Sweden Paints. Our paint is an acrylic paint and best applied with this type of synthetic brush.

The Zibra Palm Pro Brush has a palm shaped handle that fits comfortably in your hand. This brush allows the hand to be closer to the painting surface for perfect paint placement. The Palm Pro brush provides more control and more comfort which makes for easier painting!

Our all natural Sea Sponges bring you a new freedom in painting furniture and cabinets and an easy way to create the Swedish Gustavian look!

Harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, these Sea Sponges are biodegradable and sustainably and renewably harvested using collection methods that allow the remaining sponge to grow back fuller than before.

Use the Sea Sponge to apply layers of paint; this will add depth and an aged, mot led look to furniture. We love layering 2 colors of paint such as Queen's Court and Linnea or use for removing glaze. These Sea Sponges offer a rich, full pat ern allowing beautiful furniture to be painted with ease and speed.


Sea Sponge

Lambs Wool Applicator

Lamb's Wool Applicator

The Lamb's Wool Applicator is perfect for applying an even coverage of topcoat to large surfaces. This hand-held 5 1/2 inch long x 3 1/2 inch wide pad is also made with 100% natural shearling in the USA. Features a comfortable polypropylene handle, durable yet lightweight. Because the pad is 100% natural shearling it is very dense and soft, for fast, uniform finishes. Used with Colors of Sweden Products it is extremely easy to clean with just soap and water.

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